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Whether it was YouTube videos, Game servers, or full-sized companies, I've been involved with Internet Marketing for the last 10 years.  I always had a passion for creating new things and scaling them up.  My voice has been heard by millions of people around the world for tens of millions of minutes.  My growth techniques in the B2B markets have earned meetings with several Fortune 500 companies.  Download my resume to learn more.

02 Case Studies

03 Experience

Social Media


I acquired the domain in 2011 in an online auction.  I eventually turned it into a gameserver.  That sever became relatively popular, with over 15,000 unique logins generating a couple hundred dollars a month.


Content Creator

In July 2011 I created the YouTube channel that would be my most popular. I accumulated 7.5 million views and 16,000 subscribers yielding $13,000 in ad revenue. Also worked with several brands to create promotions and product reviews, which was my introduction to influencer marketing



PPC and Branding Expert

I was approached by local entrepreneurs regarding an incubator they were trying to start.  Instead of us making a company, it quickly turned into us doing digital marketing consulting and management for local companies.  I designed several landing pages and managed PPC campaigns with cumulative annual budgets of over $500,000.



Time after time, I have been able to quickly grow social media accounts to sizes much larger than that of any competitors.

At, I grew our social twitter account from 0 follwers to over 10,000 in under 6 months.  This contributed much traffic to our website and generated contacts for our sales funnel.

I've been able to repeat the work of @securableio on @infosecnyc (6k) @ettorefy (5k) @workoutgetswole (15k) @wheyallday (10k) and many more accounts.  Not to mention over 30 million impressions per year.

I have been very successful in search engine optimization through quality content strategies and backlink strategies.  For content strategies, I decided on topics and longtail keywords that my team should target and then assigned them to my colleagues and interns.  From that, we used content analyzers to recommend improvements to the content for better ranking.  We were able to rank on the first page of google for 20 of the longtail keywords we targeted in just 3 months.

Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks, or "inbound links" are also an important part of search engine optimization. Quantity and quality of backlinks to a website increase credibility, making the website rank better for keywords in general.  I implemented a very aggressive backlink strategy at which had major success.

I collaborated with Universities and earned over 60 backlinks to our website.  Since these inbound links came from very reputable sources, they were a large factor in increasing our domain authority.

In the image below, the cluster to the right represents my university efforts.  The size of the dots represent the quality of the source, and the distance of the lines represents the quality of the link.  As you can see, the quality from the .edu backlinks is much stronger than any others.

Backlink Strategy
YouTube / Content Production

I have been heavily involved in video production since July 2011.  My first YouTube video was created in 2007, but I did not start earning revenue until 2011.  My media production skills improved dramatically through the years.  I learned how to record and product video, as well as graphic design and audio production.

I mainly created tutorials, my thinking was to create content that people were likely to search online.  This strategy proved to be very effective, organically gaining millions of views as well as an unexpected, yet loyal, fan-base.

This was a great experience as I learned about marketing, branding myself, working with brands as an influencer, and monetizing.  My YouTube presence inspired a lot of my side-projects in high school ranging from product review websites to game servers.  These side projects gave me exposure to new monetization strategies and creative business plans.


best way to reach me is by email:

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